All Priced Contracts must be made during market trading hours Monday through Friday.

Please Note:  All Contracts must be filled prior to Cash/Price Sales

7 Day Option:

Producer has 7 Calendar Days from the date of final delivery to decide disposition of non-contracted grain.  Tickets may not have more than a 7 day break between deliveries or the 7 day expires and will default to Storage.


Cash or Spot Price Sale:

Sale is the price at the daily market close. Spot sales on Saturday and Sunday will be priced after the market opening, 9:00 am the following Monday. No signed contract needed.


Purchase Contract:

This is a contract for a specified quantity and quality of grain for a specified delivery time, with the price of the grain set at the time the contract is made.  Meyer Grain, Inc. takes title of the grain when it is unloaded at the elevator.


Price Later or Delayed Price Contract:

This contract allows transfer of the ownership of the grain to Meyer Grain, Inc without an established price.  This eliminates all future storage fees at the time of the contract.  The producer is able to price all or part of the grain within the designated time table. When available and under certain circumstances a service fee may apply.


Deferred Payment Contract:

This contract allows the producer to control the receipt of payment, generally for income tax purposes.  All contracts may be rolled into a deferred payment contract.


Contracts under filled by 100 bushels or less will be washed out and the contract closed. If your under fill is more than 100 bushels, that grain must be delivered, call the office to work out terms. Any overfills of 20 bushels or less will be sold at the spot price of the day of the delivery. Overfills over 20 bushels will be put on a 7 day option – see terms above.