Cash Bids are subject to change without notice.

The future prices on our website during the day trading hours are based on a 10 minute delay. For the most current price between 8:30am and 1:15 pm during the week please call Meyer Grain Office.

For placing offers, please use the DTN portal below or call us direct. If you are not yet set up with the DTN Portal give us a call the setup is easy and we’ll guide you through.

Receive Cash Bids by Text

  1. Either enter your Username and password or click the link below labeled “Click here to request a username/password”.
  2. Once logged in click on the Account button to the right of your user name
  3. In the Contact Information section check the box that says “Yes! I consent” next to it.
  4. Under the Subscription section check the box to the left of the Bid Text** and type in security code.
  5. Once approved you will receive text messages on weekdays with the current cash bean and corn prices.

Please contact us with any questions 715-879-5586.

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